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Meet the Team

Jason Shore


Jason is currently the CEO of Patient Discovery where he is responsible for leading the…

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Shelby Chamberlain


Shelby is currently CFO at Patient Discovery where she is responsible for overall market development,…

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Adam Sodowick

Executive Chairman & Chief Product Officer

Adam is currently the Executive Chairman and Chief Product Officer at Patient Discovery where he…

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Fumi Matsumoto


Fumi is currently the CTO of Patient Discovery where he oversees technology strategy, platformgrowth and…

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Kara Casey

VP of Customer Success

Kara believes patients should be at the center of everything our business does. She brings…

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Tony Wieczorek

VP of Technology

Tony is responsible for all aspects of technical development at Patient Discovery. He ensures our…

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Julia Bronstein

Head of Learning Architecture

Julia uses a unique blend of instructional design and interactivity to motivate and engage patients.…

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Christian Miranda

Head of UX & UI

Christian is a leading expert in human interface design. At Patient Discovery, he is responsible…

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Chris Georgenes

Head of Interactive Design

Chris leads interactive animation for Patient Discovery, bringing custom interactive activities to life. He brings…

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